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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  May 17, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> i said i had taken chick-fil-a. we are trying to get you home safe. heather: that texas police officer cracking to me jokes trying to wrangle 20 cows on the loose. no word if they ever got to chick-fil-a. that rub steps this hour of "fox and friends first". "fox and friends first" continues right now. >> we never not said -- there is a humanitarian crisis at the border. >> a manufactured crisis. >> manufacturing a crisis, some of it provoked by actions taken by the administration. >> reporter: nancy pelosi can't remember the border crisis but she can say for sure the president's plan to deal with it is dead on arrival. rob: remember last time they
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tried to make an immigration deal? live in washington. >> i busted my home for 20 years to get my daughter into a good school and now is penalized? this is the dumbest idea i have ever heard. rob: forget hitting the books. sat scores could be boosted by how much money your parents make. jillian: is creating controversy all across the country. this 325 pounds football goes up and goes insanely viral. rob: "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ beautiful day ♪ beautiful day ♪ ♪ let it get away
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♪ on the road ♪ rob: it is a beautiful morning. warm this morning. you are watching "fox and friends first" on friday morning. jillian: thank you for starting the day with us. donald trump unveiling his immigration overhaul, democrats calling it dead on arrival. rob: griff jenkins live in washington is the president is valid to get his plan past. the negotiation begins. >> reporter: first time in 50 years donald trump is attempting to overhaul the nation's legal immigration system shifting it to a merit-based approach with skills and education. >> we discriminate against genius. we discriminate against brilliance. we won't anymore once we get this past and we hope to get it passed as soon as possible.
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>> reporter: only 12% of green cards are based on employment and skills, 66% our family ties. the new plan lives that increasing merit to 53%, reducing family to 33%. in the plan border security measures as well, building or wall, upgrading ports of entry and speeding up asylum claims but does not address dac a, temporary work visas or the undocumented population. nancy pelosi is calling it dead on arrival. taking issue with the premise of a merit-based system. >> i want to say something about the word they use. it is a condescending word. they are saying family is without merit? merit in the eyes of donald trump. >> reporter: senator graham said the president has to find a way to work with democrats. >> it may be so poisoned they
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don't want to give him a win on anything. if they want to work with him then he has to show willingness to work with them. >> reporter: in california a federal judge will consider arguments over lawsuit seeking to block the president's funding for the parent of defense to build more wall. rob: as the president rolls out immigration proposals democrats are changing their tune about the situation at the border. heather: nancy pelosi says her party always acknowledged the crisis. >> we have never not said -- there is a humanitarian crisis at the border and some of it, the actions taken by the administration. rob: months ago democrats slammed the emergency declaration as a manufactured crisis. it jillian: cvp apprehended 900,000 migrants at the border, the second month in a row the number topped 100,000.
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we will stay on that story. in the meantime an illegal immigrant is charged with killing 12 older women serving as the healthcare provider. a former caregiver was charged with murdering and 80 one-year-old woman in texas last year. her death and police to review hundreds of cases of elderly women who died and attended. police found 11 victims they believe he suffocated and robbed. the kenyan man is being held on $9 million bond. suspected ties to ms 13 charged with murder after girl's body is found in a creek. police believe the 14-year-old girl was beaten to death with a baseball bat and machete. and thrown into the water and maryland. investigators say the suspect but she was about to read them out about a robbery. two of them are members of the m as 13 gangs. one suspect is on the run.
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rob: chelsea manning back in prison one week after being released. according to several reports, head of court hearing, manning double down on her refusal to testify before the grand jury in the wiki leaks probe. >> facing jail again doesn't change my stance. the prosecutors are deliberately placing me in an impossible position. rob: until she testifies or turns the grand jury, the former army intelligence that was previously served 7 years in prison for leaking us secrets. president obama commuted her 35 year sentence. a federal judge will hear a request or a federal prosecutor in the jussie smollett case, a retired judge calling for a special prosecutor for kim fox, handled the actor's case. they dropped all charges against jussie smollett. a different judge will decide whether to unseal records in the case. that could get interesting. jussie smollett is accused of faking a hate crime attack in
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chicago. jillian: joe biden is leading the race for the democratic nomination. the former vice president jumping ahead of bernie sanders by 18 percentage points. a new poll, democratic voters highest priority is choosing a candidate they think can beat donald trump. joe biden performing best in a 2020 matchup leading trump by 11 points. the president's reelection number holding steady at 38%. numbers change. rob: they absolutely change. bill diblasio looking to stunts joe biden's success, the battleground state of iowa before traveling to south carolina. the democrat just announced and already trading barbs the president. >> will give donald trump another nickname, con don. he is really on the side of the 1%.
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>> i don't know if you like high taxes or crime, you can vote for him but most people aren't into that. i wish them luck. it would be better off if you go back to new york city and do your job in the little time you have left. rob: the president is not bill diblasio's only critic. >> is a good career move for him right now? know. homelessness is near record highs. can't seem to fire anybody, the buses -- what are you going to do? rob: not a lot of bill diblasio fans. he is the 23rd democrat to announce his candidacy for president. look at all this. jillian: judge andrew napolitano says bill diblasio's lack of support from his own city should be a red flag. >> only slightly exaggerating in
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terms of the seriousness with which anybody outside bill diblasio's in a circle takes his run for the presidency which is none. the city is corrupt. his administration is corrupt. his administration is inevitably she doesn't have majority support among democrats in new york city. after having been the mayor for 6 years. so it is almost farcical that he is doing this. rob: bill diblasio was met with crowds of angry new yorkers including nypd unions, public housing recipients, black lives matter activists. all sides of the political spectrum going against the mayor and they made their disapproval quite clear. forget math and english. your neighborhood's crime rate could soon be calculated into your child 80 results. the exam will factor in
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adversity scores for millions of students. jillian: the crime rate is one of many things being considered. aishah hasnie tells us how the numbers will be cringed. >> reporter: a big debate viewing over that called the adversity score. wall street journal reporting the score will be calculated based on a student's neighborhood, family environment, what kind of high school they go to. students won't know what their score is but the college they are applying to, they will. 150 schools by this fall. it will then be judged on a scale of 100. anything above the average means the more disadvantaged students face. why in the world is the college board doing this? david coleman is the brains behind common core and says this will level the playing field. he told the wall street journal, quote, there are a number of amazing students who may have
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scored less on the sat but accomplished more. we can't ignore the disparity reflected in the sats. this on the heels of the college admission scandal surrounding lori locklin and felicity huffman. not everybody is buying this privilege admission argument. >> how do you know this rich kid, his family wasn't for their entire life and just made it after busting their humps for 20 years and then he gets penalized while a poor kid whose family was rich and get into some crime business and lost money a week ago, he gets in adversity score boost over the kid whose family just made it after a decade? >> reporter: bringing up a lot of questions over who this is going to hurt, who is it going to help. jillian: people have so much to
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say about this. >> the last 24 hours your thoughts have been pouring on social media. ralph and instagram, participation trophy for everyone. nick tweeted why not illuminate tests altogether and just had everybody a college diploma? it would save a lot of time. william writing this on facebook, quote, you get into college by merit, that is it. rob: a lot of people questioning of college is the way anymore. almost a mandatory thing for a long time, you had to go to college. how much it costs, thank you so much. jillian: we will talk about this later in the hour. 12 minutes after the hour. the president tried to move forward with a border plan, didn't go well. will there ever be a compromise on immigration? two officials have their take. rob: everyone out of the water, sharks swarming the shore.
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upper respiratory tract infection and headache may occur. tell your doctor about your medicines and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ready to treat differently with a pill? otezla. show more of you. rob: donald trump's plan to fix what he has referred to as a broken immigration system is expected to be met with a lot of resistance on both sides of the aisle. also an issue that hits close to home for our next guests who come from border states. joining me to react to what they heard yesterday, former tucson police officer brandon ata and democratic strategists from houston, you heard the plan laid out yesterday. it is a very republican plan. what do you think the chances are? >> it doesn't address any of the
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issues we are facing, doesn't address the d aca kids or the 11 million undocumented folks in the united states. it doesn't even get the president's signature plan of building the wall and having mexico pay for it. there is nothing in this plan for anybody. take it from and coulter to lindsey graham, republicans aren't for it. how is the president going to pass it when nobody -- republican or democratic party --'s for it? you know it is a bad plan when you can't get anybody on board. rob: the start of a negotiation. he wants to do a merit-based immigration plan. what do you think? >> the president and some of the republicans, the only ones concerned about getting something done and not just spewing out rhetoric but getting something done and i believe in
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merit-based immigration, what is beneficial to america. we live in the united states of america. our government officials are supposed to put our country first and those are the things the people in this country care about and i want to see qualified individuals that could come and influence the country in a positive way, have priority over people showing up at the border and some of which people having false claims -- rob: nancy pelosi seems offended by merit-based immigration. what do you say? >> i'm all for a plan that would work. this plan has no details. the idea of bringing people in that can contribute to society in a positive way. >> this country is built by
2:19 am
immigrants and to think we don't believe in merit-based are you kidding me? this country is built on merit-based immigration. this whole notion of the president spinning that he came up with a bold plan that doesn't address anything, he can't get any republicans to support it, not because people don't want to move the country forward. he hasn't led since he has been elected. rob: our legal system is not merit-based but people who come in whoever wants to come in. how is it not true? millions of people we don't know who they are. >> the president's spouse brought her parents hearing what the president calls chain migration and he turns around and says we have to do merit-based? come on. we need to live in reality. >> let me jump into it. when you have 100,000 people bombarding a border in the month of april we are looking at 1 million people trying to come into this country. >> the president is not doing
2:20 am
anything about it. >> the president's plan is to secure the border, fix the infrastructure, focus on merit-based and eliminate the loopholes that millions of people are trying to take advantage of and that is appropriate and i cannot find any reason or rational person would have a problem with it and if people on the left or even republicans if you don't like what the president is doing get off your behind and come up with something effective. what have you been doing this all time? >> the president is not doing anything. rob: we have to cut it. we will see what democrats can get out of this and we will be right back. -we bought a house in a neighborhood
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jillian: kirsten gillibrand making this promise on abortion rights if elected president. >> as president i will codify roe versus wade. i will make it clear beyond a shadow of a doubt that women in this country have a guaranteed right to an abortion. rob: carly shimkus with serious xm 115 has reaction. >> reporter: kirsten gillibrand leading the charge vowing to fight for a woman's right to choose. elizabeth warren calling access to safe and legal abortion a woman's constitutional right. the abortion conversation not just eating up the campaign trail but front and center on social media. the smattering of reaction, lynn taking issue with the pro-choice i can think can't imagine a cleaning the statement before
2:25 am
god. speaking directly to kirsten gillibrand, you have no control over this. the abortion laws are written at the state level and challenged in the courts. i thought you went to law school. or at least took a civics class. michelle agreeing with the pro-choice position thing thank you for doing what is right, not surprising but appreciated. a wide range of reaction coming in. rob: bill diblasio, an epic new york post headline, the run for president by new york's mayor. >> not just the media in the city that dislikes them but also the police union. listen to this statement from the police benevolent association. after bill diblasio announced his run for president, it is laughable that a mayor who has shown no interest in running new york city for 6 years now says
2:26 am
he wants to mismanage the entire country. as commander in chief he would be an unmitigated disaster. the police union and the mayor have butted heads for years after two police officers were killed in brooklyn, cops turned their backs on bill diblasio outside the hospital. some police officers blamed him for their deaths saying what they describe as anti-cop rhetoric partially to blame. a lot of reaction. pat says he is full of himself. he can't even fix new york city. linda saying i have 0 respect for bill diblasio. he ruined new york city and has never supported the nypd, enough said. according to a quinnipiac poll, 76% of new yorkers say diblasio running for president is a bad idea. jillian: we know you're not skipping work on monday. a lot of people will. >> i can't guarantee how productive i will be.
2:27 am
millions are going to skip work according to a new survey to watch the game of thrones finale. 10.7 million say they will skip work altogether. 4.3 work remotely. 2.9 million will show up to work late. we should just declare this a national holiday. eric on twitter says that a lot of people taking a john snow day. kind of a funny guy. rob: 9:00? >> i did take a vacation day to watch the season premiere. rob: you get up at 2:00 in the morning. thanks so much. 27 after the hour. officials want to give every student in adversity score. how does this even the playing field? does it even the playing field?
2:28 am
jillian: our next guest explains. ♪ ♪
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it's so lightweight. i love it. i'm busy philipps, and i'm fearless to face anything. heather: a look at top headlines, donald trump unveiling a merit-based immigration overhaul. under the proposal the us would offer more visas to highly skilled immigrants and end the visa lottery program. the plan calls for barriers at the southern border and technology and agents. democrats call it dead on arrival. rob: a judge will hear a request for a special prosecutor in the jussie smollett case to determine how kim fox handled the case. her office dropped all charges against jussie smollett. he is accused of facing his attack in chicago.
2:32 am
jillian: bill diblasio on the campaign trail today heading to iowa before traveling to south carolina this weekend. he the 23rd democrat to announce his candidacy for president. rob: tensions with iran intensifying as donald trump hopes to steer clear of a military conflict. >> will you go to war with iran? >> i hope not. rob: this is the uss abraham lincoln moves into position near iran two weeks early. the aircraft carrier holding hundreds of missiles ready to launch. congressional leaders receive the classified briefing after complaints of being kept out of the loop. the house and senate will be briefed next week. the pentagon asks congress to fund lodging and transportation for taliban members willing to negotiate a cease-fire with the afghan government. a spokesperson says they want to lay the groundwork for peace talks in hopes of ending this 17 year war. negotiators wrapped up the sixth
2:33 am
round of peace talks. lawmakers reportedly denied that request. a majority of voters believe it is likely intelligence agencies broke the law to investigate donald trump. a fox news polls is 58% of voters think swiss was extremely, very, and somewhat likely. in an exclusive interview william barr shares his concerns with bill hammer surrounding the russia probe. >> some of the explanations of what occurred, why does that matter? >> i think people have to find out what the government was doing during that period. if we are worried about foreign influence for the same reason we should be worried whether government officials abused their power and put their thumb on the scale. rob: william barr adding he does not know for certain but plans to investigate the investigators. the full interview at 9:00 am eastern this morning, check it out. jillian: the architect of common
2:34 am
core releasing an education shakeup that has people talking. the sat test will include in adversity score that factors in a student's home life in the admission process. does this level the playing field or skip the scales? is this fair? here's nigel donald, thank you for your time. your initial thoughts when you heard this, this is fair? >> it is hard -- for some students there is a fair advantage in the wall street journal pointed out it does give fair chance to some students but on the other hand there are other students that could be discriminated on. >> a break down to explain why people are watching, and the adversity index, this is a score they don't see it including your
2:35 am
neighborhood environment like crime rates, the poverty rate and housing and family environment and education level and the high school environment under matching a free lunch rate and all those things. i get that some students are really smart, some brilliant, some are not good test takers. the sat score is not a good representation of who they are but do you think looking at those things like the neighborhood you come from and parents finances and things like that, do you think that is the right way to do it? >> not 100%. you may only have 40 seconds to make a decision. those numbers don't always qualify who that person is and i don't think adding an additional number 2 that will expand what we are looking at.
2:36 am
looking at who they are as an individual if they were involved or what they are doing to improve the community -- >> students don't see this themselves? >> to is agree it is unfair because it creates speculation of sending my application to a university and i can be rejected and i don't know why. jillian: what would you propose if you come up with a different idea versus looking at crime statistics, parents financial income. what would you say is fair to judge students on? >> the essay is an important thing. an admissions counselor comes down to tough decisions. what a student is saying to you, what the message behind that person as to why they should be admitted and often i had to make
2:37 am
those tough decisions. i often listens to what the person said to see the driving force behind it. >> a statement from the college board on the adversity score, quote, the environmental context dashboard shines a light on students who demonstrated remarkable resourcefulness to overcome challenges and achieve more with less and other academic accomplishments in the context of where they live and learn. thank you. i was talking to you how i covered students coming from poverty-stricken places and covered stories on them and they worked to be the first in their family to get into college and that reward was something you can't take away. rob: 37 after the hour. community uproar after a beloved school lunch ladies fired after giving a free lunch to a kid
2:38 am
that needed it. does the punishment fit the crime? and the traditional hershey bar, why would you change it? ♪
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>> colorado secretary of state is a rare travel been permitting the staff to travel to alabama protesting the status near-total abortion ban. she won't authorized travel without safe and legal access to health care for women. she is calling other officials to join her boycott. the new law, the colorado governor saying he is staging a protest. rob: hundreds of thousands of us employers getting letters from the fed about illegal immigrants on their staff. new york times are putting the social security administration,
2:42 am
570,000 different employers. a new trump administration policy that alerts companies when workers names don't match. employers will not be penalized but they are instructed to take action. >> the government derailing the high-speed rail project pulling $1 billion. rob: details on what has gone wrong with this project. >> the federal railroad administration announced it will not bring california $929 million for this high-speed rail project as originally promised. they repeatedly failed to comply with the term of its grant, reasonable progress on the project and abandon its original vision for a train connecting los angeles to san francisco.
2:43 am
gavin newsom said in february, and it would take long to complete. they would do a shorter line. the trump administration saying they are looking to recover $2.5 billion fund from the state that had already been allocated for the project. jillian: ever hear of that line if it ain't broke don't fix it? and then to the second topic. her she's never heard that line apparently. >> hershey's chocolate bars changed the look. the first time they have done this in 125 years. these are the new mo g -- emoji bars. instead of the name hershey each piece of chocolate has been emoji. they have the heart eyes, thumbs up, laughing, they asked parents
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and kids to come up with the most popular ones they use all the time to communicate so that is what they have come up with. this brings people together. you will see these hitting store shelves soon. jillian: i heard heather and carly talking, have a conversation with -- rob gave me the one with sunglasses, wild hair and peace sign so i'm not sure. rob: the chocolate still tastes pretty good. jillian: you are eating, i will read. don't look down. this bridge dangles 2000 feet in the air and you can walk on it today. todd pyro has look at the longest pedestrian bridge in north america but first. rob: steve doocy, do you want some chocolate? >> sound great. one of our live shows on the other side of that door.
2:45 am
normally i do that he is right here, reveal myself to the crowd in 12 minutes. should i do it right now? are they watching? how are you? welcome to "fox and friends". coming up, starting in 15 minutes senator tim scott, the president's campaign manager, dana perino and geraldo rivera. all these people are going to be here, right now is right here on the channel everybody trusts. thank you, everybody. jillian: good to see you again. rob: they overhaul that. jillian: coming right back. ♪
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>> beautiful shot, a beautiful morning in washington dc. it is opening today, the sky bridge, has an incredible story. jillian: todd pyro has a look at the nearest attraction in joins us now to talk about it. >> i was on a bridge.
2:50 am
-- 26 churches destroyed. >> the national park. >> that point of view. >> the sky left is the oldest attraction. >> you have the plans for the bridge but then the wildfires happen. the top of our attraction burned down. we don't expect that to happen. the good thing about it, and move forward.
2:51 am
this bridge, the rebirth coming out of the ashes. it is pretty hot. look at the view. you have to look at the right spot. >> do you design an excellent bridge? >> very strong excellent bridge. >> you are right. pretty awesome deal. >> what does it take? >> a lot of good engineers. it is really rewarding. 680 feet long. >> how does it feel to be in the record book? i am told there is more to this bridge and that part of it is secret. i prefer my bridges to be
2:52 am
non-see-through but you are telling me it is safe. >> 15 feet of structural glass in the middle of the bridge and you can walk across it. i feel like indiana jones. >> it is unnerving. >> 140 feet to the bottom. >> it wouldn't work out well. you are pretty confident. >> very confident. it will hold the globe to gather. this bridge will be here together. >> when is a bridge more than just a bridge? when it serves as a bridge between a memorable past and more exciting future.
2:53 am
>> they use a drone to fly cables, 9000 pounds each. >> are you afraid of heights? >> i'm not a heights guy. jillian: you did that. >> i have been traveling a lot lately. i'm so tired, okay, bridge, let's go. rob: i was at a bar ones and i looked down and - jillian: you are also badgering. rob: when you can see straight down it is weird. jillian: it is 53 minutes after the hour. a product with shark images. ♪ fish our friends ♪ rob: look at these things. what could be so scary to spark a trigger warning on this? we will let you be the judge coming up.
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♪ ♪ rob: we have to take a wide screen. everybody is dancing. [laughter] rob: pick it up. jillian: only one still dancing. oh, wow. all right. we will explain. rob: we'll talk with this in a minute. the good, the bad, and the
2:58 am
ugly. jillian: 335-pound football recruit going viral after impressing the coach but it wasn't on the football field. [cheers] jillian: elijah sim summons defensive lineman at the university of tennessee didn't stop there. immediately swishing a half court shot. rob: have you got to be strong to be 335 pounds and get up that high. bonnie kimble says she was fired by the company who supplies the new hampshire school's food. kimble is accused of theft for giving out $8 meal. that's a lot for school lunch. the school board lrl vote on whether to keep working with the company or not. that's bad optically. jillian: shark merchandise being removed from all shops complaints they are sensitive. many taking to facebook towels like this make light of potentially dangerous encounters.
2:59 am
there are a lot of shark sightings at cape cod. trying to put their feelings in light there. jillian: it's national pizza party day. what better way to celebrate than with friends and pizza. carley: national pizza party day. jillian: there is a day for everything. a tray. the square pizza? >> like 3rd grade. jillian: many fox new folks whoe from the pennsylvania area will represent what i'm saying old forge pizza shop they will do and this call them trays of pizza. carley: i'm taking off all the vegetable. it's just noise. i will eat a couple olives. rob: there is a peperoni there. jillian: national pie day. pizza day. >> and then pizza party day. what more could you ask for.
3:00 am
rob: nothing else to say. jillian: if there were a plain pizza i would be digging in right now. rob: it is friday. jillian: "fox & friends" live starts right now. ♪ let's get it started. [cheers] [ ♪ let's get it started in here. [cheers and applause] ♪ let's get it started in here. ♪ let's get it started ♪ let's get it started in here ♪ yeah, ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] receive steve live studio audience shows. people across the country are here and boy do we have a great crowd and great audience


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